inevitable failure

I wrestled with my test suite today, and I think it came out to a draw. Didn’t find any new core-recovery bugs, and spent a long time tuning the infrastructure, but I did fix a lot of cleanup bugs that have been bugging people for a while. Not bugging me so much, which is why they didn’t get fixed before, but still.

Madhava and Tyla and ALASDAIR and I are going to get some food and then watch a bad movie. The Recruit might do well in that role, if Tyla can be convinced.

I was thinking about Chinese New Year celebrations as an alternative to moviegoing, but now I’m not so sure I’d enjoy that. Snakes are a little iffy for me at the best of times, you see.

January has just about ended, and I’m about to acheive total failure with respect to my New Year’s resolutions. Maybe I’ll do better next month. (Other than the exercise one, all I really hoped to do in January was sign up. How hard is that? Sigh.)

Forgot to publish when we got back from the movies (Catch Me If You Can, because of Tyla’s influence and timing) and dinner (Sottovoce, pretty good). There was a time when LiveJournal would sort of screw itself up if I added to a day’s entry after it had grabbed one copy, so I would try to just publish once for the day. I missed it when Jacob pointed out that they fixed that bug, but now I don’t have to worry. So I’ll just publish all the time, and fill the world with timely joy.

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