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This morning, Tyla got up early, showered, answered her email, ate a healthy (if small) breakfast and walked to U of T, where she participated in an Aquafit class. Meanwhile, I sat in my boxers on the couch, typing on my laptop, watching Muchmusic, and eating Fuzzy Peaches. I swear, sometimes it feels like we’re the same person. When is she going to start living her own life?

Work went well: my test suite is starting to bear fruit, in the form of bugs that I’m finding and fixing before the customer gets a chance. I fixed about ten bugs today, half of which were problems or omissions in the test infrastructure, and the other half of which were things in the recovery space that Just Weren’t Right. And then I got to explain to my good buddy Phil some of the way recovery works — how we deal with replaying opens and closes correctly, to be more specific than any of you really want. Slowly, I’m working off the huge clue-debt I accumulate every time I look into the lock manager and then make Phil’s phone ring.

Coop isn’t coming to visit on the weekend proper, but it sounds like I’ll get to enjoy his company during the week instead. He’ll get to join us for Buffy night, and we can even get some work done together. Much fun.

This evening, Madhava invited Tyla and me along to a production of Un ballo in maschera at the Hummingbird Centre. It was a lot of fun, and I’m now three for three when it comes to enjoying opera performances. I should go more often — especially if Madhava can keep scoring these sweet $15 tickets.

Bedtime. Tomorrow I will spout productivity like a geyser and get the recovery test-train rolling at full steam. Also, I guess I should go and buy some more metaphors. Cripes.

29 January 2003

This was one of those days which, placed in the appropriate other week, would have either been really pretty good, or quite bad. I got most of the driver for the test suite I mentioned yesterday working, until I realized that I’d forgotten a critical piece. On the one hand, it meant that there weren’t — well, weren’t necessarily — a pile of new and terrifying bugs in my recovery processing. On the other hand, it meant that I wasn’t done writing the test driver, which I had really hoped to finish today. Looking at it now, it doesn’t look like a huge pile of work, but you have to understand that I wasted lots of time trying to make it perfectly generic before I realized that we had other people who are a lot better at that than I am. Now it’s just a straight-up monolithic test set, and anyone who wants to add a new test can damned well copy and paste a little. It builds character any way. I was trying to be methodical and thorough about this as a counter to the urge I was feeling to just tear through it and get onto the fixing of recovery bugs. I guess the lesson is to give into my gut and let the panic rule me. Or something. (Confidential to Mike Who Has Made It Very Hard To Link To Specific Entries: I don’t know if this is one of those “Real Real Programmer” things. Maybe the real programmers I work with can tell us.)

In fiscal year 2002, AOL lost nearly $100B. I, to the best of my knowledge, did not — but I should probably send a pile of paper off to an accountant and make absolutely certain. If I managed to lose many thousands of times more money than I made, Tyla will never let me have a baby. Or, you know, will never let me let her have a baby. Or something. (Look, hon: cute baby!).

Coop might — just might —come to visit me in Toronto this weekend. Food will be purchased and prepared. Drinks will be drunk. And boy, do we have our bad movie work cut right out for us.

I coughed maybe twenty times today, and didn’t wake up at all last night from coughing. Might be able to declare victory tomorrow, especially if I get off my ass and go outside.

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