sweet, sweet routine

I was a little bit concerned about getting back into the rhythm of work after four days away — my god, four whole days! — so I decided that I’d make myself feel a little less outclassed by sending Coop off on a wild goose chase for a few hours. Sorry about that, bud. (Also, I can’t believe you didn’t like Office Linebacker ad. “Hi, Janice!”)

I still have a nagging chest cough thing, but it’s getting better. It might be my annual bronchitis — no joke, it happens every January — in which case I will end up living la vida penicillin.

I don’t have a lot of trouble believing that this site exists, though at one time I would have spent a lot of time fretting over such an obvious sign of the apocalypse, but I do have trouble understanding why Boing Boing linked to it. You feeling OK, Cory? Are there a lot of people who are wardriving or otherwise flitting about from network to network, but don’t know how to find out their own IP address? If so, is that a huge victory for wireless network usability, or a savage condemnation of the usability of the rest of the network software floating around? I’m sure mpt can tell me.

Four days left in January, and I have already pretty much blown one resolution — 30 minutes of exercise every day — for no good reason. Still have a chance to get some of the other ones underway before I fly past my self-imposed “during January” window of victory.

I’m tired, and I need to shake this cold, so I’m going to go off to bed and read about the discovery of plutonium. February 1 will usher in a whole new month, I predict. And maybe some exercise!

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