gentle reintroduction

Played more Shadowbane this afternoon. There’s a big story-arc event going on tonight, with seiging and feature characters and all manner of fun stuff, but I’ll have to miss it: Tyla and I are joining Aven, Mark, Madhava, Hilary, and Rob for a spot of celebration in observance of Rabbie Burns Day. Should be good fun, so off we go!

That was quite fun, though the conspicuous lack of pipers made it seem — other than the haggis, of course — like it was just another evening at the pub with some friends. Which is a quite wonderful way to spend one’s time, but I guess I was hoping for something a little more…experiential.

And, because we’re both morons, Tyla and I are coddling our sick selves — Tyla has a cold-like thing that I am still not taking responsibilty for — by staying up until 5AM playing on various computers. Alas.

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