As I had hoped, but didn’t dare to predict, I felt a lot better this morning. Probably 80%. There was a time, back in the silly days of my youth, when I would have jumped back into work with both feet, knocking myself out to make up lost time. But I’m older and wiser these days, or at least less hardy, so I decided to take today as a day of rest and additional recuperation. Nobody at work seemed too upset; they’re probably just glad that I’m not breaking anything.

I played some Shadowbane — which is shaping up into quite a fun little diversion, I must say — napped and read a lot, didn’t go out anywhere, all responsible I’ll-get-better-or-die-trying behaviour. Yay for me.

It would have been fun to zip to Ottawa for the weekend and watch the superbowl with Coop and Kev and James, and maybe go to a Sens game with Alasdair, but that would also have been irresponsible.

Time for bed, nice and early. Tomorrow, I get to go out and see people!

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