neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of mucus

My battle against the head cold continues largely unabated. It got to the point today that the acid from clementines — sweet, healing citrus though they may be — caused agonizing burning in my throat. And I could really go for some sort of high-pressure sinus attachment for the fire hydrant outside. Dayquil helps, as we always knew it would, but it’s still not enough. Worst of all, I’m now too weak to pick Tyla up with one arm, which removes a key arrow from my domestic-disagreement quiver.

In spite of being congested and headachy and weak and hot-no-cold-no-hot all day, and in spite of being hopped up on pseudofreakingephedrine hydrofriggingchloride — or, more likely, because of said up-hopping — I managed to get a fair bit of work done today. Not much progress on the recovery test plan, because coherent prose was beyond my feeble ken, but I did fix a handful of bugs and analyze a few more. That’s right, my American friends, your nuclear stockpile is going to be protected by code written by me, while I’m high as a kite on poor man’s meth. Sleep tight!

I didn’t eat lunch today, but I had some yummy Japanese food while watching a decent Buffy — no, really, in Season Seven! I figure it’s a wash.

Phil and Peter are in New York right now. I was sort of idly wishing I could join them, since I always learn a lot while they’re hacking hard, but now I’m so very glad that my wishes don’t generally come true. Boy, would I hate to be travelling right now.

I downloaded a copy of Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom today, but I don’t think I’ll be able to read it until I get finished with my current epic. And then I’ll probably go and buy a paper copy anyway, just to lend him support.

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