traffic; congestion

I had hoped to sleep on the plane back, since it was a red-eye and that’s what they’re for. Failing that, I was willing to settle for getting some work done, because there’s always enough of that lying around to fill a few hours.

Instead, I was too tired to work, or even read, and too cold and uncomfortable to sleep. Non-upgradeable tickets are really starting to seem like false economies, given how much travel I’m doing.

When I got home, I slept for 5 sweet hours, in a perfectly comfortable bed with my perfectly lovely wife. Then I woke up with a sore throat and mild congestion. As of this writing, they have only worsened. There is no Neo Citran in the house, and we’re now out of honey.

That didn’t keep me from a handful of bugs, though, which is making me believe that my groove might really have returned. Tomorrow, I will write a test plan for Lustre Lite 1.0′s recovery support, and then probably spend a fair bit of time talking with our testing stud about how to turn that into reality. I was thinking of having Coop come to Toronto for a few days this week (not Super Sunday, of course, because Kev and James would have my ass in a sling), but the Velocet offices are in the final throes of renovation, and it’s really quite a disaster.

I forgot my tux-vest in California. Have to call the hotel tomorrow and have them mail it to me. Or maybe get Pav to pick it up and do the mailing, though that didn’t work at all with my Netwinder.

Also, while I was away my desktop machine was moved and during the process the power cable for one of the CPU fans got wedged in the fan itself, rendering the apparatus totally useless for cooling the processor. As a result, the processor pretty much melted, so I have to sort out replacement bits sometime this week.

My loving and wise mother bought me a book of historic speeches for Christmas, and since today was Martin Luther King Day, she lovingly and wisely pointed out that I should cue up the CD to his speech and give it a listen. Great idea, and I know I said I’d do it, but I’m just way too cold-tired to give Mr. King the attention he deserves. Maybe I’ll remember to rip the CD before my next trip (this week, to Ottawa, perhaps) and I can absorb wisdom and eloquence while I flit about the globe, or at the very least the province.

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