if it’s Friday, this must be California

Most of today was occupied by Air Canada flight 757, and transit related thereto. Actually, it was only about 8 hours, of the 22 I’ve been awake as of this writing, but spiritually it was a clear majority.

I got a lot of work done on the plane, which felt great. I might really be back in the groove this time. A really frightening problem — frightening in that we really had no idea what would cause extN to behave that way, not in that it woke me in the middle of the night with loud noises — turned out to be something else entirely. I’ve rarely been so happy to find three involved bugs in my code in the span of an hour, but Andreas and I had a good little analysis run.

My tux is being cleaned and pressed overnight. My hotel is literally a five minute walk from both the cleaners and the site of tomorrow’s wedding ceremony. The hotel also backs directly onto the Caltrain station, which was very convenient for visiting Mitchell for dinner, and hanging out with Casey and Jarett (did I spell that correctly?) and Dawn and Myk and Judy. So far, this trip is pretty darned sweet.

I’m going to go to bed now. When I wake up tomorrow — I’m guessing around 9am my time — Peter and Phil will have changed everything on me.

This was a pretty geeky entry. Sorry about that, if you’re not the pretty-geeky sort; it was a pretty geeky day, too.

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