phoning it in

I was going to write something interesting here, I swear, but then I checked my itinerary for tomorrow’s flight, and discovered that it leaves at nine fifteen in the morning, instead of three something in the afternoon. So instead I’ll just tell you what’s in my head right now:

Tux (jacket, pants, vest, suspenders, tie, cufflinks, shirt-studs, shoes, socks), underwear, more socks, passport, itinerary, Mitchell’s cell number, Robert’s cell number, shirts, slacks, belt, Nomad, Nomad cable (left it at work, I lose), sunglasses, reserve a taxi.

I haven’t been very productive over the last couple of weeks — basically since I got back from Edinburgh, mildly burned out — but it’s starting to slowly pick up again. I might get to spend some time working with Robert at the tail end of this trip, which would be good.

[Ed.: cp draft.html cotnent.html does not quite publish. Close, though!]

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