baroque fruits of creative labour

Phil has been reading this great book about, well, the making of the atomic bomb. I started to flip through last night, before I passed out, and I’m kinda hooked. I’ve just hit a bit of a lull in the other book I’ve been reading, so I might see if I can find a copy of the bomb book. What better reading to take through airport security? (Phil, a contractor for the United States National Nuclear Security Administration, also had a book about India’s nuclear program with him for a while. I’m not that brave.)

I wrote some docs today, and had a fair bit of fun. Organizing my recovery knowledge into some semi-coherent documentation actually helped me think concretely about some annoying problems in new ways. So, yay for writing.

I am so close to done with the thing I’m writing for the friend I’m not supposed to talk about. He left a really cute voice mail on my cell phone while Joe and Jacob and Chris and I were at a movie and Phil was at home working so hard it made me feel a little guilty. Just a little, though. I’m going to finish this writing thing first thing in the morning thing, so that the friend thing can have it before I get on the flying thing and return to the wife thing. Or something. (Confidential to said friend: I did spend almost an hour on it today. Did I mention that I hate writing this stuff?)

The movie was a lot of fun. Recommended. Great date movie, I think, though I might be biased because Jacob kept putting his hand in on my thigh.

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