productivity factor zero

I slept quite well last night, and didn’t roll out of bed until about 2:30pm, at which point Phil and I fairly scrambled to the grocery store to fetch vegetables. We are going to have a nice meal — I just know it — at Chris’ and Shona’s tonight, and our contribution is supposed to be roasted root veggies. Except that we have a lot of veggies, and not a lot of cookie-sheet space, so it’s turning out more like roasted sweet potatoes and potatoes, baked onions, and carrots with butter and cinnamon and orange juice and stuff. I think it’ll turn out OK.

It seems that Chris was afraid that Phil and I would work all weekend. Ha ha ha. Well, Phil has spent a fair bit of time on the phone and sending email, but I’ve been the slackest ass in all of slackassdom. That’s just going to make things that much more brutal next week, but for now I’m having a blast. This weekend thing rules.

I think our food is ready now, so we have to grab the zipcar and then grab the boyz and get ourselves Blizzard-ward.

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