We slept in late, because we can do that when Tyla’s not around, and then started the day with the watching of some football. I think Tennessee won, and I think that’s who we were cheering for — because they weren’t, and still aren’t, Pittsburgh — but I know so little about football that I was really just along for the ride.

Every time I come to Boston, we don’t get barbecue, and since the Boston crowd basically cannot stop talking about it when I’m in Toronto, I put my foot down and demanded that we rectify the situation. Damn, that was some good barbecue. Just what we needed to fortify ourselves for hockey.

Maybe the Leafs should have had some barbecue. Sundin was back in the lineup, and I thought that would help a fair bit — and given that the Leafs had been playing quite well, and that Boston had just lost to Buffalo, that fair bit would be gravy, right? — but he wasn’t really a factor. Part of the problem there is likely that he’s a bit of a playmaker, and the Leafs couldn’t string together three passes to save their miserable little lives. I don’t think the Bruins played excellent hockey either, but they sure played better. Ah well; there two more Leafs games in Boston this year, and I might come back to cheer them on.

We’re going to play some Halo now, just because we can, and then I’ll probably write some more about my travel experiences the other day.

[Ed.: Or maybe I'll just fall asleep watching Sports Night DVDs instead.]

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