a blip in the learning curve

I stayed home today, which meant that they fixed the noise at the office: Ken had a pretty free hand with the duct tape, so apparently the hissing is no longer a major issue. Of course, the electrician also managed to bust the power to my workstation, so I got to have a little office-related interruption anyway. Made me feel right at home, or something.

We had Aven and Mark and Madhava over for dinner this evening, to thank them for letting us stash relatives at their otherwise-unoccupied houses over the Christmas holiday, and they conspired with Tyla to get me drunk. Scoundrels.

Probably for the best, because Phil thinks that the test I wrote today is totally useless, and now I can forget about that. (He didn’t use the phrase “totally useless”, but I know that’s what he was thinking.)

Tomorrow I get to hit Boston and visit with the boyz (and Shona, who is an honourary member of the boyz), which will be a fine end to a week that saw me mostly recover from a spot of burn-out, and totally recover from a wimpy little throat problem.

I’m such a lucky guy, in so many parts of my life. I wonder what I did to deserve it.

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