nyah, nyah

Today is Jon Johansen Day, all over the internet:

The court determined that it is not illegal to use the DeCSS code to watch DVD films obtained by legal means.

Not a lot of hacking today, but I helped Coop a little with the new test suite — he seems to be kicking ass with both feet now, not that the metaphor really lends itself to such extension. I got a new bugzilla installation spun up for some project tracking work, filed some bugs on myself, sent a vanishingly-small fraction of the email I mentioned yesterday.

My productivity was impaired today by the lack of a ceiling in the office. Whereas before it used to just be annoyingly loud when 5 people had a “conversation” near my desk, it now gets to be infuriatingly, blinding-with-rage-ingly loud. I practically ran to the Eaton Centre in search of magic headphones, which I did not find. I did find Phil’s gift, though.

More later, I’m sure, but for now there’s a new episode of Buffy and some mediocre Japanese food waiting for me.

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