michael fails to live up to his potential

First day back at work, today was. So full of promise. I was going to start on three days of solid, heads-down fixing of bugs we found during the course of our New Year’s testing. Protocol ugliness would fall like wheat before the scythe of my hacking prowess. Entire industries would spring up around the innovations I would produce in storage technology. Children would break into song spontaneously, honouring and remembering my heroic efforts.

Or, alternatively, I’d start to feel the same symptoms as Phil, spend too many hours sleeping accidentally, and spend the rest of my day ruling out three possible fixes for an ugly bug, because the fixes would have been even uglier.

At least I helped Coop get started on the next test suite.

I owe mail to my mother, George Favvas, Tim Keanini, Phil Schwan, A Friend I Shouldn’t Name Or He’ll Hurt Me, Dawn Endico, Brendan Eich (postal mail, no less), Jamie Zawinski, Stephen Tweedie, and the status-updates list at work. Most of those messages are composed in my head, or regard work that is more than 80% complete, but I’m too tired to finish the job tonight. Not that staying up any later would be a good idea if I were able, so I guess that might be for the best.

I’m too tired to play Halo with the unemployed, even though I caused him to disturb Phil’s rest and he managed to get tickets for this weekend’s hockey game.

Welcome back, me!

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