jiggity jig

There are quite a few things in this world I don’t fully understand, and today many of them manifested themselves in the form of air travel. I would exposit in no small detail about the insanity regarding electronic itineraries and the security implications of giving me a matching set of boarding passes without a printed email for verification, but that would be giving more of my precious, fleeting life to the evil air travel complex.

We did get home — or at least as far as Toronto in Phil’s case — and without too much difficulty in the end. I suspect we could have endured more difficulty, even, what with the mitigating effects of a 10AM scotch tasting at the Heathrow duty free. Phil was cruelly victimized by the weather, so he’s spending the night here.

We got back from emergency sushi with Madhava, Tyla and Steph, and stopped to purchase Age of Mythology during our return. It was fun, and now I sleep, mercifully free of jet lag. With some small luck, Phil’s flight tomorrow will make it out uneventfully, and we can return to our regularly-scheduled programming. Ahem.

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