We weren’t hung over this morning, but we could easily have been, so we slept in just the same. A long search for appropriate dinner — technically a breakfast, but at 7pm that becomes an awkward term — led us to a lovely Arabian/Spanish place. We ordered the “Arabian Feast” for three, and got enough food for five. Mmm. Sweet gluttony.

We just made it to a showing of Die Another Day, which is certainly a fine Bond movie. It didn’t feel over-long, even, and I hope we get to see more — cough, cough — of Rosamund Pike in the future.

Phil and I are so close to the fix for our last test that the strong force is involved. Now that we’ve mostly frittered away our vacation, it’s not putting up as much of a fight.

Because this is our “boys’ week out”, we’ve managed to run out of food in the house, and outlasted pretty much everywhere in Edinburgh that might provide us with nourishment. It’s just like when I was single, except I have better clothes now. Maybe Chris can make some oatmeal.

I was expecting her to be a little off-kilter on New Year’s morning, but apparently Tyla started drinking early: there wasn’t any Monday, December 31st in 2002, to my knowledge. Everyone point and laugh at Tyla!

No Scottish girls kissed today; this morning might have been an anomaly.

Made some New Year’s resolutions today, while pondering in the shower, and I might talk more about them later, unless I flub them really embarrassingly.

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