sprint to the finish

Jacob’s been in town for a few days, so we’ve been enjoying the simple pleasures of “hockey and pork”:http://www.loolix.com/2003/12/#30. I’m not sure exactly what’s on the menu for tonight’s New Year’s drop-in, but I figure Shona and I can keep people from starving. We sure do have a lot of chicken!

We’re moving a machine from one ISP to another today, starting in about 90 minutes. There are any number of things, technical, social, or even astrological that could go horribly wrong with this procedure, but I’ve got my faith on.

If you’re in the Toronto area, and aren’t a complete jerk, feel free to drop by our place after 8 and watch us fumble around with “Jacob’s gift”:http://au.playstation.com/ps2/hardware/eyetoy.jhtml.

Update: the server move was more successful than I could have even hoped for. Total downtime from “halt” at the original location to “move complete, enjoy your NYE” at the new location: ~25 minutes. Get there.

how rude

I have a large collection of Tragically Hip bootlegs, which I store on this machine for my easy access from work and home and abroad. It’s not linked to from anywhere that I know of, but apparently “Google found it”:http://www.google.com/search?q=apache+index+mp3+%22tragically+hip%22. So some guy (, I don’t love you any more!) was pulling down MP3s as fast as the ISP’s link would take it, which is to say substantially faster than I would have liked. Kids these days, I tell ya.

friends like these

I have a Word document that I have to read. Sure, it’s just two pages, and it just contains text with no markup whatsoever, but the author used Word to hammer it out, so here I am. In order to view it, I want to install “OpenOffice.org(yes, that’s what they call their software)”:http://www.openoffice.org on my laptop.

I have at my disposal two tools designed explicitly for the purpose of fetching this sort of software, and its dependencies, with minimal hassle. (more…)

under the season

I refuse to believe that I’m coming down with “the flu(this is what I don’t have, remember)”:http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/ArticleType1&c=Article&cid=1072220535284&callpageid=968256289824&col=968342212737, so I’m going to tell you that I have some sort of whole-body-ache, nausea-and-chills, congestion-free cold. I appreciate your co-operation in this matter. If I make my Dad-family ill while I’m visiting them in Markham and Kitchener and other far-flung, exotic locales, I think there will be repercussions that I’m not prepared to handle. (Sparing them the risk by staying home and feeling miserable by myself would have other, more domestic repercussions, for which I am no more prepared by any means.)

I had a plan for at least dealing with the nausea, but that’s “now on hold(one toke still over the line, it seems)”:http://canada.com/national/story.asp?id=784178FB-A7EE-4DF9-88C7-1EC08ADF6726.

and another thing

I finally found the “other bug”:https://bugzilla.lustre.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2332 today, and more or less fixed it. Nobody in particular will care, I’m sure. (I say “more or less” because I’m not sure if people are going to go for my solution. I’m ready to wash my hands of it, though.)

smaller, not as victorious

One of our tests has been “failing for quite a while”:https://buffalo.clusterfs.com/displayreport.pl?reportid=5592, and I was going to look at it, you know, soon. Last night I got a mail indicating that the test was part of an acceptance run for a customer, so I made it today’s priority (along with the aforementioned work on Pink). Around noon, though, I found out that we need to pass it on this customer cluster by tomorrow afternoon. Oy.

I wonder what I’ll be like at the gym tomorrow after an all-nighter.

small victories

So, we’ve been having a little bit of trouble getting our test suite running and passing on a “new cluster”:http://www.lanl.gov/projects/pink/ of late. I should say that Robert has been having trouble, because I don’t exactly have access to the cluster right now, due to a Marx Brothers-grade set of difficulties with my “cryptocard”:http://www.cmf.nrl.navy.mil/CCS/people/kenh/cryptocard-wp.html and whatnot. We also have some new things in the mix this time, like a mostly-righteous new configuration system, a totally “alien cluster organization”:http://bproc.sourceforge.net/, all the usual fun you want right before an acceptance milestone.

Robert has been describing his troubles to me over the last little while, since I’m the other guy who has an oversized recoverythalmus. I haven’t really been poring over the code like I would like to, in this situation, but I have been thinking about it in the back of my head while I go about my other business. Last night, we got a clue in the form of some atypically-cryptic console spew:

[lots of this sort of noise] fa3cac65 < [mds]mds_destroy_export+1e9/394> fa1c6adc < [obdclass]g_uuid_lock+18c/24c4f> fa1c69a0 < [obdclass]g_uuid_lock+50/24c4f> fa1a9858 < [obdclass]obd_destroy_export+118/186> fa1bfeb5 < [obdclass]__kstrtab_obdo_to_ioobj+4bbb/b006> fa1a691b < [obdclass]__class_export_put+7f/250> fa1bfe15 < [obdclass]__kstrtab_obdo_to_ioobj+4b1b/b006> fa1c016d < [obdclass]__kstrtab_obdo_to_ioobj+4e73/b006> fa1a7dd7 < [obdclass]class_disconnect+1b3/5e4> [and so forth]

From that, the answer is obvious, of course: connect and disconnect are racing, and the bitmap maintenance in mdsclientfree isn’t safe against such races. Robert’s whipping up “a patch”:https://bugzilla.lustre.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2417 now, and I am going to treat myself to a tasty apple.


I’m pretty tired.

get your charity on

The boys at “Penny Arcade”:http://www.penny-arcade.com/ make, in my opinion, some pretty decent comics, and I’ve always been a fan of Tycho’s writing. I’m not alone in my approval, of course, and they regularly terrify their advertisers the click-through rates they can provide. There’s a good reason that the advertising they run works so very well: they’ve built up a lot of credibility with their community over the last 5 years, and they play stingy with that social capital by only accepting ads for things that they think their readers will be interested in, rather than just things whose vendors want to get in front of PA’s relatively-massive audience.

This year they’ve outdone themselves, IMO, by spending some of that capital on a “toy drive”:http://www.penny-arcade.com/childsplay/ for a local children’s hospital. Just as the advertisers are blown away the success of campaigns running on the site, I think the “hospital in question”:http://www.seattlechildrens.org/ is probably reeling a little from the “incredible”:http://www.penny-arcade.com/childsplay/9.htm “quantity”:http://www.penny-arcade.com/childsplay/18.htm “of”:http://www.penny-arcade.com/childsplay/24.htm “toys”:http://www.penny-arcade.com/childsplay/12.htm. As of this writing, none of the Lego on the “wish list”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/registry/2W2ZGW4875AML/ref%3Dwl%5Fs%5F3/002-4534135-1405607 is available for purchase from Amazon, and I can’t help but think that it’s “not coincidence”:http://www.penny-arcade.com/childsplay/4.htm.

If you were thinking of getting me something for Christmas, you have your orders. They’re going to branch out and do drives for more hospitals next year, so I should lean on my friends at CHEO and Sick Kids’ and see if I can’t get them involved. I get misty whenever I think about kids in hospitals, and I’m “so far past misty”:http://www.penny-arcade.com/childsplay/letter2.htm right now that it’s not funny. Even in the way that a grown man crying is usually funny.

c’mon, it’s not like he’s behind on his dues or anything

The City of Moncton thinks that showing up drunk at work toting a loaded, sawed-off shotgun in search of the boss is a firing offence. “The city’s union disagrees.”:http://www.globeandmail.ca/servlet/story/RTGAM.20031128.wmonc1128/BNStory/Front/
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