There are a great number of strategies for avoiding jet lag. A girl at the bar tonight recommended Melatonin, and my mother-in-law studiously adjusts her sleep cycle by an hour every day leading up to the trip. Phil and I have another system altogether: never leave your native timezone. We’re physically in Edinburgh, and having a great time, but we’re still sleeping and waking as though we were back on the east coast of North America. As a side effect, we don’t see really any of the 7 hours of “daylight” available at this time of year, but I think we can live with that.

The fireworks were, as Eric predicted, “stonkingly amazing”. I’m sure my pictures turned out not at all, but I won’t be forgetting them any time soon. Especially because we were close enough that we actually got firework debris raining down on us. We overheard some people — no doubt Australians — saying that the only better fireworks are to be found in Sydney, at this very time of year. So now we know where we’re going next year.

I have kissed at least five times as many Scottish women in 2003 as I did in 2002, and we’re only a few hours in. Bodes well!

It’s now well past midnight, and Phil and Chris are going to play a little Age of Empires. I’d play too, but my laptop won’t talk to their laptops, and we can’t figure out why. Ah well. At least our sleep cycle won’t be disturbed.

Happy New Year!

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