blue skies squandered

I was right, and I didn’t stay awake very long after dinner. Long enough to discover that our plane-patch, while awesome and clever, wasn’t enough to get around this bug. So went to sleep, exhausted, hoping I wouldn’t dream about it.

I have no idea if that worked or not, because I don’t remember my dreams, but I did sleep quite well. Phil and I are still working, and Chris is off at a wedding-related party somewhere. He looks very dapper, and when he gets back and wants to be a slob with his friends, I hope we’ll be able to oblige.

I think there was some blue Edinburgh sky today, but before we realized that we were witnessing a weather miracle, we had worked the afternoon away. Ah well. At least we got the primitive version of my Most Hardest Test Ever passing.

I think we’re going to see the new Bond movie tonight, with martinis in hand. It’s no torchlight procession, but everyone has to celebrate in their own special way. (The post-procession fireworks last night were amazing, though. I’ve gotta come back for Guy Fawkes Day — Chris says it sounds like the Operation Desert Storm reunion tour.)

We didn’t make it to the movie, and we didn’t eat until like 01:30, but we did pass that Most Hardest Test, and we’re now hot, hot, hot on the trail of the remaining recovery tests. Phil is spitting out bug reports at me from the other side of the living room, and I’m giving him a new tree to update a few minutes later. We are in the groove, and the weather here is nice this time of year. Chris is finding us some wacky music, and all of the sudden, holy hell, it’s 5 AM. We’ll sleep when we’ve passed these tests!

We’re going to sleep late again, but when we wake up we will be able to bask in the sweet glow of every-test-but-14.

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