never gonna get it

The red-eye is a great way to fly east. I get to sleep through the compressed night, which means that the flight seems shorter, and then I’m that much cheerier when I have to deal with airports and customs and immigration and security and taxis. The only way to go, if you’re flying east and your schedule at all permits it.

It sort of falls apart, though, when one spends the majority of the flight being a complete hacking machine with one’s boss. We made a great patch, and it worked basically the first time — I could tell you all about how this was the first time I’d touched the low-level filesystem, and how Phil and I had to figure out the inode allocation system from first principles, and so forth, but I won’t because the punchline is all that matters: we are very smart people, and you should feel lucky to know us.

We are also very tired people, and fighting to stay awake. Phil has promised me twelve whole beers if I pass three tests tomorrow, but I don’t think that’ll be enough motivation to keep me awake that long after we get back from dinner.

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