the sweet tastes of victory and orzo

Tyla and I have some weaknesses. We have financial management skills that would make Greenspan weep hot tears. We’re not very good at the whole Christmas card thing. On any given day, it is almost certain that one of us will forget a meal.

But never let it be said that we don’t throw one mean Mister Falcon of a Christmas dinner. I was most nervous about the orzo casserole, because I’d never cooked it before, but Coop and his lovely wife steered me oh so right. Everything was pretty much perfect, right down to the timing of dish completion, and I’m a little worried that I blew all of next year’s kitchen luck in one shot. Maybe I just had some extra saved up over 2002? Heaven knows I didn’t cook enough this year.

The rest of Christmas was also pretty great, from the near-infinite gift exchanges and cookie overdose to the Buffy viewings and Chester’s fanatical devotion to the destruction of wrapping paper. There are lots of people who don’t celebrate Christmas — and they usually have better reasons for abstaining than I have for participating, all told — but I hope everyone gets a chance to have some family-rich day like today. I know that not everybody can, but I still have a lot of hope.

We had Joan grace us with her presence at dinner, which was very nice. She’s great company, and I was thrilled that she could join us. I hope she had a good time too; our families can be a little overwhelming.

Tomorrow, the sisters are going to shop until someone loses an eye, and I’m going to work on recovery. That it still doesn’t work well enough to pass Lustre Lite grates on my very soul, and when Phil gets here on Friday it may begin to cause more tangible physical distress. (I’m quite serious about the soul-grating thing: I’ve been having nightmares about it, I think, though the fact that I never remember my dreams clearly makes it hard to pin the blame conclusively on my huge bug list.) I might go into the office and take some of Coop’s Buffy CDs for encouragement — if Tyla will let them out of the house. Maybe I should rip them tonight.

Unsurprisingly, the wire I’m waiting for didn’t show up today, so Tyla will be able to cause only limited damage to my plans for eventual retirement. Not a bad silver lining, really.

And to all, a good night.

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