Mom doesn’t think that drop

Mom doesn’t think that drop cloths would have helped, but she didn’t see the knuckle-sized chunks that had already accumulated on the plastic sheeting by the time I left. She can do renovation-shielding her way, and I’ll do it mine, OK?

I’ve been trying, and failing, to find anything to corroborate the story of airport security abuse that I mentioned the other day. It doesn’t help, of course, that not a single name is given in the article — not any of the TSA personnel, not the Director of Aviation at PDX, not the representative of the ACLU who turned his case down because he’s not a member of a minority. I’ve seen enough incompetence at security screening stations to believe that there could be a fair amount of malice hidden there as well, but I’m still a little uneasy about taking Mr. Monahan’s account at face value. You should probably read the word “allegedly” about fifteen more times in this diary entry.

A loyal reader also sends in this proof that “pregnancy” is not a guarantee of innocence. I am all for searching whoever they need to search, even though it means that I always get searched at least once per flight. If the Monahan article had just been disgust that they would dare to search his pregnant wife, I wouldn’t have even finished reading it. The nature of the search bothered me a bit, as described — and it was totally unlike anything I’ve seen or experienced in my many, many searches; screeners have always been very clear about why (“the metal detector went off”) and how (“with the back of my hand”) they were going to touch me at any point — but it was the discrepancy between his description of events and the text of the report that really got to me. I really like checks and balances, especially when civil liberties are concerned, and supervision with the opportunity for the review of conduct and events is a big part of that. (And it might all be bullshit anyway, sort-of-sadly.)

I should wrap Tyla’s present now, and prepare the stocking-stuffer bits for tomorrow morning. The rest of the family will be arriving at some point today, and then I’ll really be into the game. Man, it is so good to be here at home for Christmas.

Coop’s test now works, and we pass it, so yay for everything. His Christmas gift to Tyla and me — first he takes over QA so that I can breathe again, and now he sends us goodies; what a sweetie! — arrived today as well, scarcely 24 hours after he dropped it off at the postal outlet. I think he should go sit back and relax now, because we’re going to be hustling through the next two or three tests as soon as he gets back from Boxing Day shopping.

I booked travel to Boston and the Bay Area, so I’ll be off to a fine travel start next year. I think it’s actually cheaper to fly to Boston and watch the Leafs there than to catch a home game. For shame.

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