going it right on the wrong side of the 401

Because Tyla is hoarding our computrons, and because sleep calls gently to me, I must provide only a brief description of the day’s events. Happily, a day like today needs little said about it.

We had a perfectly wonderful pre-Christmas with Dad and Lisa and the girls (including Steph). The girls seemed to quite like their new Game Cube, and Dad and Lisa were appropriately enthused about the cookbook. (Giving a cookbook isn’t like giving deoderant, we decided. They’ve been Bittman fans for years, by proxy, and just didn’t know it.) Dinner was great, even though Lisa let me make the gravy. “Is it supposed to look like that?” From the mouths of babes….

Now we’re home, with our lovely gifts in tow, and I’m going to go to bed. After a nice warm bath, it’s the only reasonable choice.

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