once more into the breach

I would like to do a few things today. I would like to play a little bit of Shadowbane. I would like to fix some bugs, maybe. I’d like to finish reading my book, and maybe start on the one Deb got me. I’d like to clean the house a little, in preparation for Christmas. I’d also like to spend a lot of time visiting with Mark and Anna, and perhaps watch tonight’s hockey game.

I’d will see Mark and Anna, because lives hang in the balance. The rest, though, are in serious jeopardy of being pushed aside by today’s Christmas errands. Ah well. At least we’re not travelling this year!

My good buddy Kev — now that I’m replying to his mail more than once a season, I can say that without choking to death on the lies — sent me a very strange picture. That is indeed my handwriting — the Sun Microsystems post-it and the book it was found in date it to about 1996, I expect — but I have no earthly idea why I would have written those words. Not a clue.

I go now to hunt a tree.

We haven’t found a tree yet. Tyla and I are fighting about the Christmas meal and vegetarianism. My work computer crashed, because:

<BiNT|WoRK>i think the construction ppl kicked the power out by accident

‘Tis the frigging season.

We found a tree. We resolved our dinner woes without resorting to Tofurkey — or, as Tyla points out, its duck-based cousin “Tofuck”. We bought wine and other booze, and grabbed some yummy roti on the way back, as we passed Hey Good Cooking. Anna called, and she and Mark are on their way.

So I was feeling pretty good, until I read this, and now I just want to curl up into a ball and die. All I want for Christmas is for it to be a work of fiction.

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