divide and conquer

So much fun today, I can hardly stand it. I got to spend the morning getting Coop up to speed on the basics of building and running the Lustre bits, and he’s now off and running on some test-development tasks. He’s a pretty quick study, so it went rather smoothly. If my ramp-up experience in July was any indication, he’s feeling totally overwhelmed right now. Tee hee!

(Still, though. Best. Hiring. Process. Ever.)

After lunch, I popped over to Paramount to watch a a little indie film with Tyla and Andrei and the folks from the office. It was great fun.

After dinner — meals are not primarily sources of nourishment anymore, but rather critical timekeeping events — I came back to the office and worked on some bugs and tests. The usual.

I’m tired, and I’ve been enjoying getting up early of late — I kill me! — so I’m going home now.

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