on feet, on floor, good to go

Against all odds, I slept very well last night. Let’s hear it for total intellectual exhaustion! With a little bit of hustle, I can be at work before 9:30, and well on my way to breaking new parts of Lustre by 10.

Asa is a sweetheart, encouraging people to vote for me in the mozillaZine “who would you like to have over for Christmas dinner?” poll. He’s no conversational slouch himself, I must say. I won’t take it personally if I lose, of course. I know I’m better than Pav, deep down inside.

Deb helpfully points out that I give no way to actually vote for me, or anyone else (I voted for Blizzard, because I already get to have me around for Christmas, but also because I miss my Bliz). The main mozillaZine page has the poll on the right side, about halfway down. I don’t know how to link to just the poll, but you’re all smart folk. (If you followed the link to Asa’s page, the button works too. Please vote only once, even if it’s for someone silly like Pav.)

Gotcha. But really, when did I burn you? Even NGR wasn’t that bad. (OK, maybe it was. Sorry. I promise this’ll be better.)

I spent most of today in meetings about test status, and only a vanishingly small part of today actually fixing bugs that block tests. Now that just ain’t right.

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