exhaustion is another word for fun

I have four bugs to kill (at least) before we’re done with Lustre Lite. I believe that I’m the only one left with any bugs that block this major, major milestone. If you can’t be the best, be the last!

It is a daily, pitched struggle to figure out what exactly is wrong with Lustre that will prevent sign-off, because reading some of these bug reports is sort of like trying to pick lottery numbers based on the writings of Nostradamus, but I’ve narrowed it down to the aforementioned four bugs. I think they probably represent 15 days of work. I wish I had 15 days.

I also wish I could run the tests on my own, in order to get first-hand knowledge of the failures, but now I’m just talking crazy.

Phil and Peter are being very supportive, which is wonderful, but I still feel kinda crappy about being so far from done. Who knew recovery would be this hard? Probably everyone who’d done it before.

I had a nice dim-sum lunch today, and a mediocre-or-so Indian dinner. Both featured good company, though, which brightened my day.

I was going to work through the night, but I’m too tired to do good work right now. After a restless night’s sleep, following hours of tossing and turning while my brain churns through recovery minutae, I’m sure I’ll be much more productive.

I think Deb would agree that today was fifty kinds of Monday. I did get to help Phil fix a nasty bug, though, just by playing Chewbacca.

15 December 2002

cheating gets it faster

I don’t know if this is a normal phase in the development of climbing prowess, but my technique has gone to crap in the last little while. I guess I need to climb more often or something, but that’s hard to do when I spend almost phil-like quantities of time away from home. Also: am I doing something really wrong, or does everyone end up with numb and/or shredded fingertips after climbing?

I had to back out a patch that “should have” had no effect on our tests — and I’m sticking to that story — but I managed to land my branch in preparation for an upcoming release. Let me revisit that initial issue: I have no idea why that part of the patch had adverse effects — OK, fatal effects — on our software. I hope that even the least-technical of my readers understands why that scares no small amount of living crap out of me. I must maintain complete mastery over my code, or we’re all in deep trouble.

Halo Capture The Flag doesn’t work so well three-on-two, in case that was keeping you up at night. In the words of my teammate, “it’s like they have an extra person”. So true.

Did you ever work with someone awesome, and spend much of the rest of your career scheming about ways to work with them again? Yeah, me too. (Sadly, some of our finest work has been largely forgotten.)

The Google World Domination clock ticked a minute closer to midnight this week, I think, with the addition of Froogle.

I think it’s time to go to bed, because my wife is trying to kill me.

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