nothing ever shames me

Today’s class was pretty good. I managed to actually consume a three hour lab session with software-related blather, and everyone had the courtesy to stay awake.

The afternoon class — a bunch of hardware folks who were apparently nonplussed-or-worse at the prospect of a software guy’s life story — was a complete, zero-for-twenty-odd no-show. At least I got to come back to Mom’s place and work. Why is it that only the hard bugs are left?

Also, why is it that so damned many smart people are looking for work? And why can’t I hire them all? Oh, for the glory days of the boom, when I could just wave my hands and conjure up a half-dozen reqs.

Coop mailed me today, since he knows full well how long it will take for me to get around to it. Why am I such a dork?

Back to Toronto soon. I hear there’s a beautiful woman there who hasn’t totally given up on me!

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