future of the nation

I bored Mom’s 3rd-year OS class for an hour today, though some of them asked questions that supported the flimsy pretense that they were listening. Sweet that they even tried, really.

Apparently we’re allowed to have babies now. Who knew?

(At long last, I upload the last few days’ entries. Huzzah.)

I just finished spending hours talking to people at HP to make sure that crappy bug reports like this didn’t happen any more. Pistol, please.

destina.ca called, to tell me that they needed signed authorization from Phil, because I used his credit card to pay for my Denver flight. Given that I’ve already finished with that itinerary, it seems like they’re getting to it a little late, but I passed on the message. I wonder what they’d do if they didn’t get authorization from Phil. He’s not going to contest it — he’d damned well better not, at least — so I don’t know what they could do to me. Probably not worth finding out.

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