in sickness and in health

It took until three in the morning, but I finally figured out how to run IOR — by which I mean that I figured out how to steal Andreas’ scripts and ask him questions until it worked — and I passed on basically the first try. (I had to merge a patch from someone else’s branch and add a spin-lock initialization, but that so doesn’t count.)

And then I locked up hard on our “simple” primary acceptance test. Some brain-off spin-lock thing, no doubt, but I didn’t take the time to sort it out last night, preferring sleep at long last.

My "lovely" wife seems to have given me her cold, though the usual post-travel infirmity is probably to blame as well. She doesn’t look like she’s suffering very much today, other than the outrageous bed-head, so it appears to have been a give rather than a share. I will have my revenge!

I thought I was caught up on my email yesterday, but I’d neglected two whole mailboxes. I’ll take care of those today. If you’re waiting for mail from me, though, note that “caught up” indicates that I have read it all, not that I’ve had time to reply to all of it.

Phil is right that I’m a whiner, but I actually said that I was getting on a plane early Wednesday morning, and that I wanted to be able to work on the plane. He knows damned well what timezone I was in! (And he did send the mail before I got on the plane, though after the last email checking I did in San Diego. We both suck, Phil, and the world of next-generation storage is just going to have to learn to cope with that.)

I found my bug(s), and they were indeed brain-off spin-lock nonsense. All better, I’m passing as I type this, and then I can land my huge branch. Fear me, Lustre. Fear me.

31 files changed, 899 insertions(+), 532 deletions(-)

I sort of wish I were done with this recovery stuff, because I’d really like a break to work on something like performance, but there’s a ton of recovery work left to do. Miles to go before I sleep, and all that.

"Using its engineering knowledge, the robot tried to repair the switch by toggling it on and off."

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