if it’s not one thing, it’s four others

I was all psyched today to start on lock replay, after a morning of recovery-related head scratching — and, I hasten to add, a fantastic lunch courtesy of my lovely hostess — but I’m still unenlightened. When Phil gets back from India, I’m going to staple him to the phone until we’ve got this sorted out.

Not that I lack things to do: plans to spend the afternoon touristing in San Diego disappeared in a puff of HP-bug-report smoke. If I work like a demon today and during tomorrow’s flight back to Toronto, I can hit the ground with a pile of untested code ready to foil my plans for landing my precious b_recovery branch. Assuming that I ever hear back from the people who have my root passwords, that is.

The end of November is looking really, really close now. Sucks.

Yesterday’s colloquium was quite fun, once I got over the shock of sociologist-speak — “concrete engagements on spatial terms” and “between the essentialist and instrumental readings of technology” were my favourite, I think, but there were many fine, fine contenders — and I’m looking forward to hearing more about his work. Miriam thinks that I should come and speak at this Digital Cultures conference they’re having in the spring, but I think I’ll only do that if I can trick Mitchell into coming along. The way I see it, she owes me for ISSRE, but she may not see it the same way.

I’ve had a blast here in San Diego, but I have to confess that my deadline-fear is making me rather eager to return to Toronto, where I can work away the days and nights. I really do believe that November will be the worst of it, but that’s the sort of naive optimism that always gets me in trouble.

And, hey, my diary looks like crap under Netscape 4.x again. I guess I’ll fix that sometime next week.

While I was typing this, I heard back from the support guy who can change and provide my root passwords, so I’m all set to test. Whee!

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