music for the hard of thinking

I am in a university student centre. I am surrounded by bright, enthusiastic young people. They are the future of the nation. Apparently, though, they have some sort of collective deficiency in the part of the brain that controls cell phone ringtone selection. Maybe there’s some sort of affirmative action program at work.

Andreas ran some tests on MCR:

— Topic for #mcr is (lustre 3097 MB/s write sustained w IOR on 320 nodes x 2 processes/node x 16GB/process = 10TB ;-)

I still don’t have root passwords on the clusters I need to test on, which is starting to cramp the heck out of my style.

I thought the network here was a disaster, because I was experiencing absolutely horrendous packet loss to just about everywhere, even with a strong wireless link. But then I noticed that web traffic was really quite peppy, and it didn’t look like there were proxies in the way, so I took a flyer and set up an SSH server on port 80. Sure enough, it’s like having a real internet connection. I guess this is some anti-filesharing thing, but would it have killed them to list port 22 in their set of known-good ports?

And I discover this just in time to head off to a colloquium on Environmental Informatics. At least I’ll be hyper-productive after dinner.

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