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That was a nice little party, it was. It was great to see everyone again, even though Nic and Mae didn’t remember me. I guess it has been a year, which is a big chunk of time when you’re wee, so I’ll try to take it in stride.

There were piles of digital cameras at the party, so I expect all sorts of pictures to show up. I stayed perhaps too sober, but at least it means there won’t be any surprises!

Anna and I discovered that we live pretty close to each other — much closer than she lives to her boyfriend, which explains the 8400 cell minutes she’s racked up so far this month — so we made vague plans to get together. Very vague. Low probability.

The Other Mike and I chatted for a little bit at the airport, including a little discussion about Lustre, and I figured out what the bug I’d caused on the plane was. I’ll fix that once I get on board.

During my “random security inspection” at the checkpoint, I busted a belt loop on my brown pants, while holding the end of my belt away from the hypersensitive metal detector. (I wonder if the screeners have realized that there’s metal in the floor, too; they seemed to be pretty surprised — as was I — that my feet registered a beep until they had me lift them way off the floor. Boy, do I ever feel secure!)

The guy next to me is really grumpy. He was very snarky when I pulled a magazine out of the bulkhead pocket in front of me, which turned out to be his “own private copy” of the rare Business Week. Uh, OK, sir. I wonder if he’s reading this as I type it.

I think I told Miriam the wrong arrival time for this flight, but she’s the sort of smart person who calls for flight information, so it’ll probably end up fine in the end.

Found the bug, and it’s a DLM problem. When Phil gets back from India, I’ll have to chat with him about that.

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