I’m on a plane to

I’m on a plane to Denver now, thence to Austin. I’m only going to be on the ground for 24 hours, but hey…Alix is worth it.

Alix is also worth a nice birthday present, which I will have to arrange when I get onto the ground. I was going to write more about Miriam’s wild TA-employment adventures, but I was inspired during the security inspection — five flights in a row that I’ve been selected for “random” screening, either at the security checkpoint or at the point of boarding; time to take the “Saddam for President” patch off my jacket, I guess — and I’m going to fix reconnection-after-network-partition instead.

I just sent my wife onto IRC to get some cell numbers for me, because I don’t have DJ’s number, and now I’m here in Austin. It worked, too! Now I just have to figure out what he looks like…

Birthday present: still unarranged.

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