a secret war in the short course

Further to Miriam’s academic/professional intrigue — about which more tomorrow, I expect — I went to a lecture today with a tape recorder, to get a record of the lecturer’s comments on the whole matter. In related news, the new Bond movie opens today.

Last night, Miriam and I went to a lovely restaurant to celebrate her victory in this little fracas, and got quite drunk. Now that Miriam lives within walking distance of these places, she’s free to share more fairly in the wine, and she did. We were both still up by nine, though, which makes me think that I really need to open the curtains at home more.

My impossible bug reared its ugly head again today, but I managed to make some progress in spite of it. I’m really hoping that Andreas or sct can make sense of it, and soon.

jwz‘s badgering took root deeply today, so I’ve now got an RSS feed for this nonsense.

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