Phil’s on his way to

Phil’s on his way to India, so I’m covering for him with respect to management of our Indian contractors. We’re talking about some seriously enthusiastic folks, so it’s been a bit tricky to stay one task ahead of them. Not a bad problem to have, as problems go.

Otherwise, I spent today chasing what should be an impossible case, and not really making a lot of progress. For a few hours, I was terrified that I’d totally broken my code, and was going to have to backtrack over weeks of changes to pinpoint the disaster. Instead, I’m terrified that something in — at best — my testing environment has gone totally, horribly awry. How long have I been living a lie?

Miriam tells me that it’s pretty hot in San Diego, which could be interesting, since I only have two pairs of shorts. Also, I’ll be spending a lot of time at the school, using their network connection, and I could easily imagine such places being air conditioned, what with the Southern California location and all. Worst case, I’ll buy some clothes down there. I might have to do some dry-cleaning anyway, as a result of being a busy loser all this week. (But: whee! Miriam and San Diego! Whee!)

I’m starting to wonder about taking the book I’m currently reading on this upcoming trip. In addition to the fact that it’s quite short, and will therefore transform from “reading material” to “ballast” after one or two flights, it’s called “A Short Course in the Secret War“, which may result in longer conversations at the security checkpoint than I really want.

Jamie wants me to hack up an RSS feed for this blather, but I probably won’t get to that until after I return from my trip.

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