I had a message on

I had a message on my phone from Air Canada just now, telling me that, well, the web site put it quite well:

Flight Number:7928
Date:November 17, 2002
This flight has been cancelled.

I’m booked on the 10h10 flight instead, but if that one is also cancelled or delayed, I’ll be giving this trip a miss, I think. Sucks that I won’t be able to meet up with everyone, but I could get some more work done during the relative quiet. (Peter and Phil are being very understanding about this, as I have come to expect. They’re going to spoil me for any other work, I swear.)


After a night’s sleep, I decided to bail on the Baltimore trip, so instead I fixed some bugs on phil’s make-BRW-work (like-it-should-have-all-along) branch. I think I need him to land that before I can really make huge progress with my recovery branch, but that’ll happen soon enough.

Emily, Tyla and Chester are asleep on the futon, in a post-dim-sum-and-mangosteens coma. We’re sort of thinking about seeing the new Harry Potter movie, but that really does seem like an awful lot of moving around.

I wonder if my lovely wife has seen The Shifted Librarian.

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