I am one spiffy shaver

I am one spiffy shaver right now, what with the tux and the pristine glasses and the decent haircut. As long as I don’t stay too late, and I don’t drink too much, I can have a fine time and still catch my 7am flight to Baltimore. Dinner is in 55 minutes, and Tyla’s just now stepped into the shower, so it doesn’t look good for our hero on the “punctual arrival” front.

Other than that, not much of a day. A little bit of hacking is about the most productive thing.

The cocktail party was, of course, great fun, but even though I left quite early, I still only have seven hours until my plane takes off, which means an absolute maximum of five hours of sleep. Of course, it’s been snowing for five hours, so an on-time arrival in Baltimore is by no means a sure thing.

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