Four years ago today, I

Four years ago today, I proposed to Tyla. (And ten years ago today, we started dating. Not the purest of coincidences, and you have to sort of fudge around the kinda-dating in grade ten.) I wonder if she’s stopped kicking herself yet.

I made slow, careful, measured progress at work today. Two hours of analysis produces a five-line patch these days, but since it’s hard to just test the crap out of recovery stuff — not that my good buddy Brian Behlendorf doesn’t do a fine job — it’s all about caution. And slowness.

My slides are done, or at least done enough. I’ll twiddle them on the plane, ruin everything, and revert to this version at the last minute. It’s a silly ritual, but everyone has their superstitions. Also, it seems that I’m going to have to print them onto transparencies, because I’m the only one not using Powerpoint. It’s one thing to pay for my own airfare — I wonder how use of frequent flyer miles works into deducting business expenses, actually — but another entirely to have to go buy MS Office just to prepare five slides. (And don’t start with me about OpenOffice or StarOffice; I have no faith at all in their ability to make my presentation look the same on Powerpoint at the conference as it looks on my Linux laptop, while PDF gives me all sorts of document-fidelity, “what you see is what you stand in front of and mumble” warm fuzzies.)

The Microsoft guy is no lightweight when it comes to this reliability scene, so even the panel slips away from me and I start gibbering into my water glass, I’ll probably learn something.

Time to get some sleep before I go to the airport. Explaining to the nice INS people that I’m actually leaving and re-entering the US before the return portion of this booking will be a special joy, I’m sure.

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