Today, I spent 4 non-consecutive

Today, I spent 4 non-consecutive hours in a doctor’s office, finally seeing the doctor more than six hours after my originally-scheduled appointment. And when my turn finally came around, it was a 15 minute conversation, of course. But apparently she’d opened the office at 5AM to catch up from some sort of backlog (I think she was sick earlier), so I have a hard time faulting her.

I got a bit of work done today, fixing a stupid bug for Andreas, moving my work onto a branch, preparing my laptop for travel — but nothing serious, and I’m going to need some serious work in the very near future.

Tomorrow I’m working from home, so that I can make sure that my laptop is fully equipped for the upcoming jet-setting. God, it had better be a productive day. No more being lured into online Halo by my boss, that’s for damned sure.

I bet my neck is going to be sort in the morning, too, from holding my cell phone against my shoulder for two hours while Phil gave me the play-by-play of my own virtual defeat. I used to be a smart guy, I hear.

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