I really, really, really hope

I really, really, really hope that we do remember. It was sort of tricky to observe a minute of silence at the office, what with the ruckusing and the ISPing, but I’m glad that I managed.

The pipes in our house-split-into-condos moan sometimes, especially when someone in one of the basement units turns the water on just a weensy bit. It’s usually not too bad, but last night — damn. It woke me up at least six times, each time with a start. So I was up early, but wasn’t sure that I was going to have my A Game available.

Forgot to bring the RRSP forms to work, so CI got a day’s respite. They don’t deserve it!

Tyla was a darling today and arranged, on my behalf, appointments with a hairdresser (back to presentability) and a doctor (back on my medication). The haircut went quite well, and got me out of the office at a decent hour, and I have high, high hopes for the doctor thing tomorrow. My Montreal doctor might even have faxed over my file by the time I get there tomorrow.

I have a hotel booked for this Thursday’s whirlwind visit to Maryland, which means that I don’t have to sleep at the airport. What a thinker I am!

Against all odds, I managed to get my hacked-up tree passing the most basic of our tests again, so I can start to find the hard bugs now. Whee!

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