Uh oh. I went and

Uh oh. I went and bought one today, and as Phil said, it presents a grave, grave danger. Martha’s staying over tonight, so I won’t be able to stay up all night adapting to the controls. I guess that’s a good thing.

I did a tiny amount of work today, mostly talking to Phil and Peter about the future of my somewhat-unloved baby, and then drawing some pictures about a saner model for bulk-data recovery.

I also fixed up some long-standing and really quite ugly issues with the combination of my diary and Netscape 4.x. I’m really starting to believe that nobody should ever use 4.x — if your computer can’t run a Mozilla-era Netscape, which is all too possible, then maybe IE? — but some of my most faithful readers and mothers still use 4.x, so I spent 30 minutes tidying it up. (An additional tip for those people: turning off style sheets via the Advanced panel in your preferences may make a lot of more-modern sites readable, if somewhat spartan.)

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. See, a little while back I found out that my RRSP wasn’t really an RRSP, ergo no tax joy. I’d written it off to an error on my part, but then yesterday I found the forms that I filled out to open the account. And on those forms, I have very clearly checked “[X] Registered”, which is explained in a footnote below as meaning, roughly, “where the hell is my tax deduction, you mouth-breathing incompetents?”. Monday will be full of all sorts of thrilling phone conversations, I can just tell.

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