Because I’m a moron, I

Because I’m a moron, I totally forgot to book travel for my upcoming conference gig until I got a mail from the organizer today reminding us all that it was next week. Six days, in fact, from now, which is but one tiny day too short to qualify for the excellent seat sale that’s currently on. ( doesn’t want me to link directly to their sale page, because of the ass-like session-ID stuff they use, so phooey on them.) In the absence of such seat-sale pricing, it costs about $1500 to get down and back at times that make it possible to actually be present at my panel. Thankfully, I work for a genius, who reminded me that I have some hundred-thousand-plus Aeroplan miles sitting in my account. So a little reward travel will be involved.

Not sure if I can make the cocktail party this year anymore, since the trip back for that will also cost something like $1500. And that’s going to be a hard sell around here, let me tell ya. I wish I weren’t such a loser.

Also, it appears that I wasn’t clear enough in yesterday’s entry about climbing: only Madhava would have been there, and if I’m going to put up with Madhava for any length of time, I need other people to help spread the conversational burden. Sheesh.

In other “oh, poor Mike!” news, I’m still sick, and it took me until something obscene like 14h30 to get out of bed today. I guess that means that Chris and I are keeping the universe in balance.

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