I’m starting to come down

I’m starting to come down with this congestion thing that’s been plaguing my wife for the past few days, and it’s really sapping my energy. I didn’t even make it to climbing today, not that anyone other than Madhava would have been there to keep me company. I hope it doesn’t persist through the weekend.

I’m still hammering away at making multiple-client recovery work, and it’s the usual software cycle: every time I fix one thing, I discover something else that needs to be changed to accomodate this new model. (What kind of lunatic exports two filesystems from one metadata server, anyway?) I did manage to whip up two quick fixes for the rest of the crew, though, who are hard at work on…something else. Creating millions of files, or maybe deleting them? It’s all a blur, and it takes all of my cold-weakened concentration to just keep track of what I‘m doing. I’m sure Phil will tell me about it someday.

I’ve been reading a lot of punditry lately, mainly in the wake of the recent American elections, but also to sate my bizarre legal-voyeurism cravings. This little stream-of-self-consciousness thing right here isn’t really contributing too much, but the breadth, depth, and quality of internet writing is at times quite astonishing. (Astonishingly good, I mean. The other sort of astonishment is somewhat passé.)

I also caught up on a pair of West Wing episodes tonight, and now I need to find a copy of this week’s. If only Tyla was an obsessive West Wing collector, in addition to her mildly-odd Buffy-archival compulsions, I’d be all set. Hmm, and the Daily Show. (Ms. Seipp makes a good point about people voting because they Just Should, even when not even the barest flickers of sober thought regarding the meaning of their votes have chanced across their minds.)

I’ve been thinking a lot about testing lately, and I should really write some of it down, if only so that others can tell me how wrong I am. (The other day, I was accused of being unprofessional by another member of a project management group I sit on, if you can believe that. All because I actually said that I thought his idea was absurd, instead of trying to just imply it sarcastically. I really can’t win!)

(I may generally come down too hard on the person in question because of the track record of other people who have been in his role, from his group, which would be unfair. I need to think about that more, and maybe make some sort of amends. But, really, it was absurd, and it’s not the first time.)

Minor formatting changes happened over the last few days, which you might not have noticed at all. For starters, I made the date headers be links to themselves, sort of, to make it easier to link directly to diary entries. It’s a little more typing for me every day, but you, dear reader, are worth it. And then I ratcheted the default font size down a bit, because I was a little tired of the “diary for the legally blind” look.

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