A couple of minutes ago,

A couple of minutes ago, two women arrived wandered into the office here at home, and one commented to the other that the French doors were quite nice. (They are.) This was pretty unexpected, since we have a lease on this place that has many months left on it, and I didn’t recognize either of the women as being associated with our landlord. “We’re just looking at the layout.” Oh! As long as it’s the layout, wander right through my home!

Seems that they’ve been trying to reach our landlord for a while, with little success — and on this score, I have some sympathy — so they just dropped by. I blame the NyQuil for the fact that Tyla said “sure” when they asked if they could just poke around anyway, though I was sitting in my bathrobe — and newly bathrobed, at that.

Looks like the Republicans are really going to be running things down south pretty soon, so I’m going to keep a closer-than-usual eye on SCOTUSblog. Time for a Roe v. Wade pool, maybe. (Rehnquist never liked it anyway, of course.)

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