So, the rule is that

So, the rule is that if you get up before your boss, it doesn’t matter how late that is. I like this rule.

Not that most of today was very productive for me anyway, what with the debug-resistant bugs and the like. I did manage a supporting role in getting Peter-and-Phil’s huge metadata spanking landed, but I’m still not really content.

Climbing was fun, though, and a nice break in the day. Even though we didn’t make it to the gym until close to 7, it wasn’t terribly busy, and we managed to climb until we were pleasantly tired and banged-up. Phil seemed impressed by the gym, and in a fit of local-gym pride I picked up a T-shirt. Also, I’d forgotten to bring one.

We’re now back at the office, and I’m trying to put some recovery stuff to bed before putting myself to bed. We’ll see.

I think we’re going to watch hockey tomorrow, but I’m starting to wonder if that might be a little too depressing. If not, maybe I’ll buy an Xbox. (Hi, honey!)

I almost forgot: we got snow today! Whee!

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