As regards the previous entry’s

As regards the previous entry’s use of the phrase “Brian and I were both wrote”, please be advised that it was one of those days. Furthermore: bah.

Brian and I were both

Brian and I were both wrote: the Lustre parts didn’t work correctly. I’ve found and fixed one bug, but at least one more remains. Argh.


Did manage to have a nice lunch with Miriam out in the prairies, though. Yum.

Well, we ran our test

Well, we ran our test today. Finally. And it didn’t work, because Kimberlite wasn’t happy with something. Brian and I both think that the Lustre parts worked correctly, though, so I’m going to leave that in his capable hands and try to get some work done this week.

Mom finally called me today, which is so shameful I can’t really bear to talk about it. But she did have some truly fantastic news: her decade-long battle to get CCRA to follow their own damned rules about taxability of support payments has come to a close, and she is victorious. Woo-hoo!

Tyla made a fantastic dinner tonight, whilst I was lounging in the bath with a glass of wine. Yummy summer-sausage-and-lentil soup, and a stunning salad of apples and pears in a walnut dressing. My god. It made me totally forget about the incredible misadventures that befell our poor cluster today.

Apparently, I really didn’t take proper advantage of the situation when I was an executive. These guys know how to party. (New cocktail party theme awaits: spirits-from-genitalia!)

If I go bed now, I can get to the office and get some work done before a meteor strikes the cluster, or whatever tomorrow’s disaster will be. And then I can take a nice long lunch to see Miriam during her layover, too. Whee.

Work today was a series

Work today was a series of wrestling matches so overwrought that I half-expected to find out that I was being shown on pay-per-view. CVS timestamps, configuration fragility in Lustre and my workstation locking up: I took all comers.

And I pretty much got my ass handed to me, so we’re going to try again tomorrow.

On the other hand, I did manage to sell the television, make a nice lasagna dinner for Emily, Tyla, and myself, and only melt a little bit of plastic by not checking the oven contents before pre-heating it. So the day wasn’t a total wash.

I’m beat, though, so I’m going to work out and then go read a bit. (I paused in fbtj right about where Mr. Friedman heads to Jerusalem. My brain needed a break to digest everything.)

Looks like I’m going to be sitting on a panel at issre 2002 on the topic of open source software reliability, or something. I hope I come up with interesting things to say before then.

A lazy Sunday, as they

A lazy Sunday, as they should perhaps all be. It takes some of the thrill out of getting up at 11 when you go to bed at 4, but it’s still a bit of a treat.

We went grocery shopping, so I’m making Barry’s Killer Lasagna tomorrow, and Mark Bittman’s Shrimp, Roman-style on Wednesday. Except that I’m eating out Wednesday with the local geek group. Dammit, why did I just remember that?

After our grocery shopping, we went to visit Dad-and-Lisa-and-the-girls for dinner. We got to see their new pool and landscaping, which is, I must say, a lot prettier than I had expected. (I generally find backyard pools to be a bit ugly, and a waste of a perfectly good backyard, but this was neither. Hurrah.) I also decided what I should get them for their anniversary present this year. So cunning!

Two nice men are coming by to see the TV tomorrow, independently, so I have the highest of hopes that it will be out of my life quite shortly.

In other parental news, it’s now too late to call Mom. Sorry, Mom, you raised a total loser.

I’m still having quite a bit of fun in Anarchy Online. Wonder how long that will last.

Random fact: as of today, and not counting the menus and template stuff, I’ve written 274472 bytes of HTML for this diary.

While I did play some

While I did play some video games today — Anarchy Online has its hooks in me relatively deeply at this point — I also had lots of non-electronic fun.

Both Tyla and I were up late last night, so it was a bit of a rush to get to the movie, but it was well worth the effort. A genuinely fun movie, which didn’t require any more concentration or analysis than we were willing to invest before lunch.

Lunch was more of a disaster, since the service was slow, forgetful and inaccurate at Café Nervosa. At least the food was expensive.

We were tired, inexplicably, and so we went back to the house for quick naps before Alasdair, Kristen and Mike joined us for dinner. We had Mexican at the great little place down Bloor, and then wandered down to Rancho Relaxo to see Craig’s band. We all got tired before their late start time, so I chatted with him briefly and then we retired.

We’re all such pansies.

The cluster was off-line today

The cluster was off-line today for a two — no, wait: seven — I mean, ten hour maintenance exercise, so I didn’t get to run my test after all. We Lustre folk were going to take the day off anyway, other than my foiled test, so it didn’t take much convincing to get me to spend the day lazing about the house and playing video games. Not that it really ever does.

I also put an ad for the TV in the paper today, which means that some nice person might come and give us money and then take the television away, which is really the best part.

Dinner at Insomnia trumped the more adventurous Brunswick House plans, and then we rented Zoolander for entertainment. I hadn’t realized that it was based on two skits from VH1, but it sure puts the crap that gets scraped off of Saturday Night Live to shame.

Queen Video and I are currently in the middle of a very mild, and exceedingly polite, disagreement about whether or not I returned Sexy Beast to them. I think I did, and Alasdair and Madhava also recall in no small detail the trip in question, but the kind folks at Queen Video can’t locate the DVD, and they have no record of my returning it. They said they’d “turn the place upside down”, in case it was misfiled, and then we could split the cost of the replacement if neither of us could find it in a week or two. Eminently reasonable.

Emily, who joined us this evening, says that she has an excellent photo of Tyla and me. Hard though it may be to believe, we apparently both look great in this photo. We’ll see, I suppose.

Tomorrow, Tyla and I are going to see Whasango (a.k.a. Volcano High) at one of the film festival screenings, and then hang out with Kristen and Mike. In the evening, a friend’s band is playing at Rancho Relaxo, so we might pop by there for dining and/or drinking as the night wears on.

For a day that I

For a day that I really didn’t spend at work — I was feeling kinda crappy, and the morning conference call didn’t really fill me with visions of unfettered productivity — I sure managed to make a lot of progress. Our contract officer at LLNL decided, in a maneuver that I think is both wise and convenient, that our outrageous successes of the last week were good enough to demonstrate the awesomeness of our software, so we’re considered to have passed our 15TB test. Brian got the shared-storage magic box back in the magic sharing-of-storage game today, but silly configuration brainos on my part kept us from running our test. That’s what Friday is for, clearly.

Andreas believes, and I have no reason to doubt him, that on Monday night Lustre mounted the largest filesystem ever, well, mounted under Linux, at 85 terabytes. And Peter thinks that our 220 megabytes-per-second single-client write rate puts us at the top of networked filesystem performance history. So that LLNL guy probably does know what he’s talking about.

I suspect, deep down in my suspectothalmus, that tomorrow I’m going to help Brian do the MDS failover test a few times, we’re going to celebrate a bit, and then I’m going to play Anarchy Online with my boss until dinner time. Speaking only for myself, I can’t wait. (Might be that some extra tuning of the OSTs is in order as well. “Sir? Sir! I think you have that in backwards.”)

Alasdair is quite right that my work-focused entries are a bit boring to read, though of course I find that those days are anything but boring to experience. I now make a solemn vow: this weekend, I will do something interesting, which does not involve computers other than in optional, supporting roles like payment or telephony-assisted friend notification. Further, I will write no fewer than 3 meaty, quip-laden paragraphs on the topic of such exploits, primarily for my own amusement. I will also mail my mother, whom I love very much, but for whom I seem to have some sort of electronic-mail block, as though my emotional optic nerve attached to the retina of my INBOX in such a way as to defeat even the very bestest of filial-communication intentions.

My good friend Phil is not feeling well, so people should think get-well thoughts on his behalf. I will be, so you don’t have to feel self-conscious about it.

This entry skipped in honour

This entry skipped in honour of — oh, who am I kidding? We spent the whole day travelling, and I’m too tired to write an entry that will be worth the typing.

Glad to be home, though.

Today, I am wimping out

Today, I am wimping out and not even using complete sentences. Sosumi.

  • DDN still totally “casters-up”, ergo no MDS test.
  • Lunch, then walk back from downtown Canmore. Where is my afternoon?
  • Phil makes data write quickly. So quickly. Now he needs to take a vacation before I have him abducted.
  • Back home tomorrow. Kinda nice.
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