Another day, another six-hour moving

Another day, another six-hour moving extravaganza. And then an unplanned nap. There’s nothing wrong with showing up at the office at 8:30pm, though it’s a little less cool when your boss has taken to asking around on IRC to try and find you. I left voice mail! I swear! (My previous boss — who, I am flattered to discover, actually reads this — is perhaps not surprised by these events.)

I upgraded to Psyche today, and it’s OK so far. The install is very pretty, though some of the post-installation configuration tools are a bit rough. OK, quite a bit rough. And their gnome-terminal build occasionally just goes blank until I resize it. I think I’ll grab the Ximian GNOME 2 snapshots when they start working with 8.0. And man, do I ever miss having MP3 support in xmms. Ah well, that’s the price I pay for wanting pretty fonts everywhere. (Except for in Mozilla, because of a huge, embarrassing mess. Don’t get me started; blizzard will save us soon enough.)

I found my keys, though. And our TV will arrive on Wednesday, which I guess is sort of exciting. I think that’s a bigger deal for Tyla than for me, though I do certainly love shiny new toys with power cables.

I should do a fair bit of work tonight, but I’m afraid that

  1. I’ll be too tired to work out when I get home, and it is a Monday, and;
  2. I’ll totally screw my fragile sleep cycle, making the depressive effects of the onset of fall that much more impressive.

Now, of course, I can’t reach our CVS server. I think it’s time to go home, set up the new printer, and spend some time reading about the synchronization and recovery techniques that Peter and Phil used in InterMezzo. Tomorrow, though, the code had better look out.

And I’m so behind on replying to email. Sigh.

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