Another morning of climbing, another

Another morning of climbing, another serious reinforcement of my belief that I need to start doing chinups or something. Were I a little bit shorter, I could use the door frames here. Not sure what I’ll do, but I need to do something if I’m going to beat that silly 60-foot 5.6. (Harder, no doubt due to the length of the climb, than the 5.8 I flew up after failing on my 5.6 nemesis. Go with the figuring.)

After climbing and lunching — it’s OK to drink a beer with your first meal of the day, if that meal starts at 1pm and has followed at least 2 hours of athletic activity, by the by — I napped like I was trying to qualify for the Narcolepsy Nationals. Tyla went off to inspect the quality of the offerings at the local futon store, and came back typically well-informed.

When I woke up after my nap-of-over-achievement, Tyla was cleaning the office, and I was reminded that tomorrow morning we’re helping Emily move into her new, temporary digs. And there we find me now, pondering dinner and a bath.

I’m also tempted to play more with XML-RPC tonight, as a nice Sunday-evening hobby-hack, but Tyla’s listening to music, so I can’t reboot the machine right now. Eat a frog, bounce a cheetah.

phik is working, but I refuse to feel guilty. Re-fuse.

Of all the movies in the house, Mehmet wanted to watch our wedding videos (the videos of Tyla’s and my wedding, to clarify). They still make me a bit weepy, but nothing outrageous. I wish I’d only been a bit weepy at the real event, because then I could have actually spoken to our assembled guests, instead of just blubbering like someone had run over my puppy — I mean, it was the happiest day of my frigging life!

In related news, Tyla and I were both a lot slimmer in high school. It is definitely time for some biking or running or home liposuction with box cutters and a dustbuster.

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